I need Help Guys I Will buying a New Graphic card but im afriad

Guys im going to buy a a new Graphic card

Power color HD 5450 1GB HDMI V2

MY PC Has a PCI-E X16 Slot v1.0

Did any one think that card will work ?????? :??:
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  1. For what use? 1GB of VRAM is a bit too low for gaming these days.
  2. i Want to try 1 VGB
  3. Plyz tell me im cant sleep because of that
  4. Guys it very good card it runs battlefield 3 and saint row the thired and crysis 2
  5. MY pc spec

    AMD 1.20GHZ
    RAM 1.5GB
    and a PCI-Exprss x16 slot v1.0

    and the card v2.1 will it work ? :??:
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    PCIe cards are backward compatible. So it'll work. Simple to the point answer. Rest is upto you if you wanna buy this card or anything else. Here is a comparison between nvidia 610 n hd 5450. I'd go for nvidia 610 if I can.
  7. Thanks Dipanjan Patra I call for this card and i hope it works thank you guys im very happy and now im not afraid
  8. give me feedback how it goes. n your welcome :)
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