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I've read countless threads on here with similar issues but would like to add my own as it's bugging the life out of me.

About a month ago my power tripped out and the circuit breaker flipped, upon tring to turn my PC back on it wouldn't power up. I checked my then Power Cooler 750W PSU and it had completely lost all power.

Soooo... I put my 850W OCZ GameXstream PSU in my PC and it's been working fine for 4 weeks until this week. Now when I play games the whole PC will just turn off without warning, when I try and turn it back on straight after it comes to life for a few seconds, then turns off, then turns on again but won't go any further.

It's very tempermental, this PSU had similar behaviour with my old PC and it turned out it couldn't power my 560ti at the time.

PC specs are (custom built myself):

M/B: Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H Rev 1.0 (lastest bios)
CPU: Intel i5 2500k @ 3.3Ghz (3.7Ghz Turbo)
Ram: 16gb Patriot 4x4gb Sticks (can't remember speed)
HD: 1TB and 500GB Sata
GFX: Sapphire 7870 XT with Boost
PSU: OCZ 850W GameXstream (About 9 years old)

Now I've done all the tests, my temps are well within reason (Ran Prime 95 for hrs on end and FurMark), the PC doesn't turn off when idle as it's not pushing my power too far. The 7870 XT needs 36A on the 12V rails... this PSU has 2 12V Rails with 20A on each but I don't think it's enough, I think the PSU being so old and not rated bronze or anything is struggling with my system.

I pulled everything out of my case last night and put it on the table and ran it without the case to make sure there were no shorts and it ran flawlessly for a few hrs until I turned it off and back on then it failed to boot again.

But sometimes in the last week I've gamed for hrs and sometimes minutes before it cuts out. It feels like a PSU issue and not enough juice Amps wise for my card, my newer PowerCooler PSU has 24A on each rail and worked great until the power tripped in the house.

Anyone think it's my PSU with it being so old? It's on its last legs since using it in a much newer system?

Sorry for the long post, any advice is appreciated :)
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  1. It sounds like the power supply to me, just because of how it just cuts out. Most hardware would cause a crash or freeze if failing, but not just completely cutting out other than the power supply.
  2. Your PSU is old and capacitor degradation seems to have taken it's toll. I'm going to second the PSU likelihood here and suggest replacing.
  3. I've been looking at this PSU. My friend uses them and has never had any issues, would 600W with 45AMP on the 12V rail be enough, my old PowerCool has combined 48AMP on the dual 12V rails and managed my PC fine.
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    I couldn't find one single review by a website on the internet for a Novatech power supply. I think I'd just avoid it especially since a known quality one is cheaper. 600w is plenty for your setup, in fact 500w should be fine if it's a solid one.
  5. I like the look of that one but I like my modular options... how about:
  6. Gonzeh said:
    I like the look of that one but I like my modular options... how about:

    It's ok, but a lower model. Maybe one of these. The top one is the one I linked first, but modular, 2nd is a full modular Seasonic.
  7. I've ordered the EVGA one, might not be modular but it looks sufficient for my PC. Thanks for your help. Will post the outcome when it arrives to see if it was the PSU.
  8. No problem, hopefully the power supply fixes your problems.
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