Whats the best budget CPU Fan?

I Recently built a gaming rig, And since im using the stock cooler, I Can't overclock much, So I need a way to keep my CPU Cool without buying a watercooler, I Have a budget of, lets say 40-70$, And it has to fit inside a Corsair 300R. And while i am here, Tell me, What kind of Frequencies am i expecting with my current PSU/Mobo combo?
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Or Xigmatek Gaia which ever is cheaper at the moment. Maybe able to reach 4.5GHz on that combo with either of those coolers, if lucky with CPU even higher.
  2. CM hyper 212 evo is probably the best budget cooler as far as I know at 30USD. With your budget you might be able to get a decent phanteks or something though.

    With your specs, you should be able to hit at least 4.3 I'd imagine, maybe even 4.5 with a decent cooler.
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