Bad sectors on hdd

1. Im new and i dont know is this thread in right place.
2.I downloaded hard disk sentinel to check my hdd
and i found that i have 900+ bad sectors on it (wow) and the hdd health was 4%
so i went to their website and found that i can "fix" bad sectors and get my hdd health back
link :
hard disk is : Toshiba MK1234GSX (111,8GB)
3. i managed to get my 100% heatlh back and "fix" my bad sectors
4. i want to know: is this really fixed
if not is there any way
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    This is not fixed, at least not permanently. Bad sectors alway keep returning and get worse over time. Backup your hard drive as soon as possible and get a new one. This one is not to be used anymore.
  2. thanks for fast reply
    I thought i must replace it but i had to be sure
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