Changing thermal compound?

Hello everyone I'm currently using a stock Cpu cooler and I'm planning on upgrading to an after market heatsink i like some of those noctua they look badass, the thing is I'm not sure if I have to remove the thermal compound leftovers on my CPU or do I have to apply more on top of those or don't apply any more at all and use those leftovers
My specs :
Cpu :AMD fx8350 4.0Ghz
Mobo :Sabertooth 990fx r2
Gpu :AMD R9 270X dual-x oc edition
Psu :Thermaltake smart 650w sp 650p
HDD:Toshiba 1TB HDKP 7200 Rev/min
Ram: 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz crucial
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  1. When upgrading to the new cpu cooler, remove the heatsink fan. Clean the leftover residue on the top of the CPU. Noctua fans come with their own thermal compound. You may apply that or use Arctic Silver thermal compound.

    Watch this vid:
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    VIDEO Guide.
  3. Thanks for the help guys
  4. Good luck just be careful!
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