Will AMD X4 760k bottleneck HD 7950 ?

Will AMD X4 760k bottleneck HD 7950 ?
Some say yes, some say no.
Will it ?
If yes, which gpu should i buy ?
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  1. It depends on the games. The 760K is enough for many games, but the CPU heavy ones, and especially the ones meant for 2-3 cores, will make the 760K choke before the HD 7950.

    Do you already have the 760K, or are you thinking about getting it?
  2. I already have x4 760k. What about BF4 ?
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    According to this link, a stock Athlon X4 750K is capable of holding very close to 60 fps in BF4 (minimum is 59), and the 760K is somewhat faster ofc. Based on how close/identically the CPUs rank, BF4 should be GPU bottlenecked on a 760K.,3849-5.html

    I'd think you'd be okay with the 760K. Although, I don't know if that page I linked was single player or multiplayer. Multiplayer is harder for the CPU to run.
  4. After all, I bought R9 270X.
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