Help! Asus HD7850 doesn't work with 3 monitors

Hi everyone, I know there are a few similar threads to this already, but I am in a pretty difficult situation, as I have one monitor with just a VGA input, one monitor with HDMI, VGA, and DVI inputs, and one with just DVI and VGA inputs. I have an Asus HD-7850 with 2 DVI ports, one HDMI port, and one mini display port. Currently, I have one monitor connected via DVI, one via HDMI, and one via a DVI to VGA adapter. My computer refuses to recognize the monitor using the DVI to VGA adapter. I have seen some threads where people talk about how you can't use HDMI and DVI at the same time, and that you need an "active adapter", but I have no idea what adapters to use where. Any help?
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    I cant answer about the need for an active adapter, your manual isnt available from asus either...

    Compare your cable and adapter to make sure its dvi-i or dvi-a
    Dvi comes in a few forms: pure digital (dvi-d) analog (dvi-a) or both (dvi-i)
    You analog monitor wont work with a dvi-d cable, adapter or gpu port. The asus have a dvi-d and a dvi-i port I beleive so if your adapter and cable are good then try the other port.

    You can look at pics on the dvi wiki for example of how they connectors look
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