Overheating and Vcore Fluctuations

Pretty sure my mobo short circuted somewhere and is giving huge fluctuations to my vcore 1.332 at max and .900 at min. Definatley not the powersupply i pulled the one i was using and swapped it in for another i had laying around same thing happens. Also CPU is overheating so it could that itself i guess.

I went ahead an ordered a new motherboard and processor.....but wanted some opinions on which i should try first so i could return the other and save a hundred or two in the long run.
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  1. What CPU and motherboard do you have? Depending on your chip and mobo, those fluctuations could be perfectly normal, i.e. fluctuations due to the turbo ramping up and down and power management protocols reducing voltage to conserve energy and reduce heat.

    Also, when you say your CPU is overheating, what do you mean? What temps during what activities? Are you using a stock or aftermarket cpu cooler?
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