HELP 3 Monitors with 2 HDMI and VGA input for HD 5770 eyefinity setup.

Been reading all the post here and trying different configurations need some help this weekend, July 5th & 6th,

I have 2 HD 5770 video cards with crossfire cable between the 2 cards installed on a MB w/2x PCI-e 20x slots.

EACH HD 5770 has 2x DVI out, 1 HDMI out, 1 DisplayPort out
MONITORS HAVE NO DVI- inputs, each has 2 HDMI & a VGA
I am using 2 ea DVI to HDMI cables on 2 monitors at this time,

that leaves display port and HDMI out free on the #1 video card..

I would like some help as I have tried all combinations I think, Thanks for any help on a walk through... I believe I must use all monitors off the 1st video card to achive a eyefinity setup.

Thanks, PEye2000
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  1. NO I need more trouble shooting help,That was what I have been trying to do off the main card, like I said 2 x DVI out HDMI cable have 2 monitore with extended desktop,

    from what I read I have to use the display port out, and I have adapter to HDMI out and a HDMI cable, still can't get 3rd monitor up and running???

    have all three now on main video card, disabled crossFire.. mow in the catylist under monitors it shows 3 2 are active a the 3rd is blacked out..????

    looking to try something???

    When I use the display port adapter to HDMI cable it switches my #2 monitor to the #3 on the left of center monitor???
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