Time to upgrade 120GB ssd. Bigger card, PCI-E or M.2?

I've got an OCZ Vertex 3 SSD (120 gb). It's getting close to full and I was wondering if it's better to upgrade to one of the 512gb (crucial, samsung, etc) SSDs or if it's better to get one of the PCI-Express / SATA-express cards or an M.2 card? I want it to be my primary boot drive and I'd like a notable improvement in speed, if possible. Thanks and looking forward do your advice.
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  1. Whatever you buy, you will see next to no improvement in practice regarding the speed. Only in benchmarks you can see a difference. If you go for another ssd, you will mostly gain from its capacity and preferably better warranty.
  2. It seems like some of the new PCI-E cards have a significant bump in read/write but that they can take up both a PCI-E and SATA slot on my motherboard. I can't figure out what happens to my GPU PCI-E slots. An example is the Intel NVMe drive, the P3500/3600. Thanks.
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    They do. Intels latest drives are incredible. Almost like a ram drive... well not quite, but trying to be ;) no worries regarding gpus, unless you plan to crossfire. And even then, get sandy bridge e platform with 40 lanes, and you have plenty of them.
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