PC crashes when playing certain games, weird Skype issues

I've been having issues playing certain games lately, they're causing my PC to freeze completely (with the exception of VoiP programs) and force me to reboot.

This happened to me whilst playing Payday 2, the freeze would occur every now and then, however during my time with Space Engineers recently I haven't been able to play for more than 20 minutes without my PC freezing.

When the freeze occurs I can't do anything, the only option is to reboot, however Skype calls still function and I can continue my conversation unaffected. This has also happened whilst using Steam chat.

I play a lot of other games fine, I can play LoL/Counter Strike without issue and have tried various configurations with the crashing games (fullscreen vs windowed etc) and nothing seems to work.

People seem to mention temperatures often, when the game crashed my GPU temp was 70 c which isn't unreasonably high. It just seems strange that Skype still works when the rest of the system is completely frozen.

Can anyone help?

My specs:
CPU: Core i5 780
PSU: 650W
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    Sounds like it could be RAM or a driver issue. Run MEMTEST for 6+ passes to rule out the RAM.

    After that. Do a fresh install of most all motherboard/ GPU drivers.
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