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I have a new 512 gb flash drive. It is formatted with exFAT. when I put movies on it (using a variety of file types) only the first 4 files will play. After that I get an error message on Windows media player saying "Windows media player cannot play the file. The player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file." VLC media player just won't open them. All of the files work fine on the pc storage and on other flash drives and like I said, the first 4 files will play without a problem. Music files seem to work fine.
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    There are fake flash drives on the market. You get a testing app here.
  2. spooky2th said:
    There are fake flash drives on the market. You get a testing app here.

    What do you mean by a fake flash drive?
  3. Counterfeit or fake usb flash drives. Some large MB drives are not so large. When the actually small memory is reached they delete old data as new data is added so the user does not realize until it is too late what is going on.
  4. There are two 512GB flash drives on Newegg now both are over $800. I'm going to guess as above, that you have a fake drive.

    You can get two 256 gb drives for about $300-400 I suggest you go that way.

    This is assuming you are talking about a USB Flash Drive and are not just calling a regular external hard drive a "flash drive".
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