i have a Hp G71-340us and i put a new harddrive in. i cant get Windows 7 to load because bios is blocking it. how do i fix thi

Cant load new hard drive with windows 7 pro from HP windows home to new hard drive. Get checksum mismach and it wont boot from CD even though i have full windows 7 pro disk with serial because HP has their bios blocking the disk from running
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  1. Since you got the HDD from HP then they must have loaded the wrong one for your motherbd. OEM version like HP's are tied to specific models of motherbd and the one you have is detecting a motherbd its not allowed to install onto. Contact HP for a replacement.
  2. they dont have a replacement for this model anymore. they told me to get a new hard drive and buy a retail version of windows 7 and put it on the new hard drive.
    i have new hard drive and new OS but cant get it to load
    i need to get rid of their bios information and load a new bios onto laptop and then i can put new os on.
    how do i remove the hp bios andput a new bios on it when it wont load into windows beause their hard drive crashed.

    when i try to load new windows 7 os it says checksum is not correct or no bootable drive found.
    once i put a new bios on i can, i am sure put on a new OS on the new HD
  3. Which harddrive do you have installed in the HP?
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