Upgrading Graphics Card in Dell Desktop Inspiron 620

I'd like to upgrade my graphics card, as it says in the title, however i'm not positive what would fit. I use the computer specifically for gaming (Like DayZ and MMO's [Tera]), however i'd rather not change the PSU.

I've looked around and it seems the HD 6670 or HD 7750 would fit, but i'd rather not buy either until I know for sure. Any advice?
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  1. Is your Dell a slim model? Looking online I'm finding pics of it being depicted as both.
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    looks like it a full size case. if you have a tape or a 12 inch ruler see if there 10 inches or more from the back of the case to the hard drive bay. if there is then any standard 10 inch pci card will fit. with the 300w power supply you may want to look at the 750ti card as it max wattage is 64w.
  3. I wouldn't run anything on a Dell 300W psu. You should upgrade the psu. But then it might have to have Dell proprietary connector eg 24 pin on motherboard. Dell and HP pre-builts are hard to upgrade.
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