Need help picking a graphics card New Build

I5 4690 no overclocking
ASRock Z97 Pro4 motherboard
8 gigs ddr
Corsair CX500m psu
mid tower case
Have $200 left to spend or i have a old AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB that i can use.
Should i save up more money or would a $200 card be that big improvement over my old 6850?
Thanks for any answers
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  1. For $200 about the best you could do is a R9 270x. Any bigger and you'd need to upgrade your power supply too.
  2. I would use the older card for now. nvidia and amd some time this year will be dropping newer gpu on 20mm cores. (nvidia maxwell) there faster and use less power then the older 700 line of gpus. also take it with a grain of salt the newer gpu would cost less per a few online post. make sure the new gpu will run the next version of Microsoft direct x.
  3. rebuild bro! you should never spend equal or more on ur processor for a gaming build. especially if its your first, since i'm sure you wont be juicing all that processor can push out. how about dropping the processor to an i3 or the new pentiums that launched on the first. they can both easily push 60fps in all games and then you can add 100 or more to the graphics budget. with that money you could grab a 770 or r9 280x
  4. no need to get z97 as you cant oc your cpu so get h97 get this mobo and save 20 dollers and add that to 200 and get r9 280
    instead of cx500 get this rosewil 630 and oc the shit out of that r9 280
  5. Your right about the h97 vs the z97 didn't notice the difference, problem is i just got the box from newegg with all the parts above not sure worth the hassle of returning and paying restocking fee for $20 difff. Like your suggestion on the R9 280 its $200 with the rebate, the specs say that a 500w psu required, so will i be ok with the cx500? or should return for a bigger psu?
  6. Get a R9 270 NON X Because you can get the 270 To the X with a little overclocking without damaging the GPU :)
  7. R9 270 or R9 280 will i be ok with the cx500? or should return for a bigger psu?
  8. Best answer
    on a gaming rig use a good 750w power supply. it when the pc under 100 load that if yur maxing out the 12v line of a power supply it can cause the gpu to black out or your rig could lock up or bsod. for safty try having 100w more then needed.
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