Looking to upgrade my RAM without messing up?

Hello. I have a GIGABYTE Z87X UD3H motherboard and I'm planning on replacing my old 2x2 4GB RAM module with this 1x8 module, it's a Kingston HyperX Black 8GB Memory Module:

I'm very interested in these aspects of the computer but I'm still new at this, and I really want to learn. I want to know if I can upgrade to this module and if not, the reason why not.

Also if anyone could explain me that whole SDRAM thing I'd be really grateful. Thanks!
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  1. If you want 8gb, get 2 x 4gb

    The motherboard has dual channel memory and 4 dimm slots. It will work better with 2 x 4gb than 1 x 8gb

    That address doesn't work

  2. Hi Kronenbouget
    are you using a 32 or 64bit version of windows ?
    yes a single 8gb stick will work with your board , but it may be cheaper and better to get 2x4g sticks so your board will work in dual channel
  3. Since you only want a total of 8GB and already have 4GB, how about just buying 2 more sticks of whatever you're using now?
  4. @i7Baby

    So you mean that if I want more amount of memory in my desktop I should use a 2x"X" module? What about if I use two of those for a 2x8 module for 16GB? (just wondering, I may just opt for the 2x4)

    The link doesn't work because I'm writing this from mobile, heh.
  5. @mickypheonix

    My system is 64-bit, and yes I'm thinking about that but I'm waiting for the above reply
  6. @DelroyMonjo

    I guess I can't mix up modules? The ones I have are really old, since they came with an old pc and I needed RAM for the new one and I just moved it from there, wouldn't happen something if I mix the 2x4 old ones with 2x4 new ones?
  7. Best answer
    2 x 8gb is good. Don't mix modules. it'll be asking for problems.
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