Dell Optiplex 745 MT graphic card help

I buyed an optiplex 745, and i'm searching for best single slot card that will fit. I would like that card could run games like Watch Dogs, CoD Ghosts etc. ;)

My specs:
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  1. Btw my budget is around 120$ (89€)
  2. Would gtx 750 single slot version work?
  3. Any card better then gtx 750?
  4. Depends on how much room is in the case and how big and what quality power supply you've got.
  5. Not much room (single slot only) and 305W
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    And it'll be a Dell power supply - so poor quality. I think a gtx750 is as big as you should go anyway. And I doubt you'll find a more powerful single slot card anyway.
  7. Ok but will my cpu bootleneck core2duo
  8. No. Its only a gtx750.
  9. Ok man tnx,
    You're best
    I'll buy 750 and i saw that will run Ghosts
    Anyway tnx! ;)
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