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ABout 9 months ago I built a workstation computer (i7 4770k, 16gb RAM (Corsair) and relevant to this post a Quadro k600. At the time the only gaming I did was mine-craft, however I've recently started getting into other games such as GTA 4, Assassins Creed etc that require a bit more graphics umph.

Whilst the Quadro does fine most of the time in these games there are occasions when the frame-rate just takes a nose dive (I believe because the Quadro is set up to render every frame perfectly before moving on, whereas a gaming card just leaves it and keeps the frame-rate good).

I'm considering two options, firstly selling the Quadro and buying a gaming card, or secondly buying a cheap gaming card and somehow installing this in tandem with the Quadro (if that is possible).

In terms of CAD work the new solution must be as capable if not more so than the k600. The programs I use are AutoCAD Architecture, 3Ds Max, and the Adobe Suite (Everything from Photoshop and illustrator to Muse, Premier Pro and AE).

As for gamin performance I'd like to run current games at high (though not necessarily maximum) quality at 1080 with a good solid frame rate.

I have an 850W Corsair TX850, the CPU generally isn't overclocked but on occasion I bump it up to 4.3GHz and that takes about 100w (if my CPU monitor app is accurate).

Thanks for your help (I'm very new to both Gaming and Gaming Graphics cards so really quite clueless when it comes to that!)
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    AutoCAD recommends Quadros and FX -
    or FirePRO

    You need to check whether you can use gaming cards for all those packages.

    Alternatively - have one CAD pc and one gaming pc.
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