what do u think about this psu

I was serching for a good psu for 3 months. In my country there are no evga, seasonic or Corsair ax hx tx. Here are just poor psus. And finally i found one for nice price. This is the psu: xfx xxx edition 850w, +80 bronze, semi modular. So what do u think is it good or bad. I would with that psu power 2x gtx 780. My hole system would need 750w so i think i dont need more than 850w.
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  1. XFX are excellent power supplies. You can find them here on Tier One!
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    MrDominik glad to hear from you again , SEASONIC is the best choice for what you have available.

    The XFX 850 is made by SEASONIC , THAT IS THE ONE I would buy . the XFX 850W WILL power 2 780's.
  3. Ty u helped me a lot
  4. Glad to assist , it's a top quality power supply.
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