Have $500, want advice for Gaming PC motherboard, processor, and CPU cooler

I have $500 and with it I decided to get these following items.



CPU Cooler:

I want to know if these parts are perfect for each other and the best I can get with a budget of $500 OR if you know a better replacement, feel free to suggest.


1. I have 2 EVGA Nvidia GTX 760's, so I NEED something with SLI support and that can handle it.

2. My Case doesn't have much space so a Micro ATX is HIGHLY favored.

3. I prefer Intel over AMD.

4. ONLY RECOMMEND ME A DIFFERENT Motherboard, Processor, or CPU Cooler. NOTHING ELSE. (I'm looking at you, MSI twin frozr gtx 760 recommenders.)

5. Don't know if it matters but my PC is Windows 8.1

If you want to know what my full PC build is going to be (after I buy these) here's a link:

I know somethings in there won't work well (like my power supply) but I'll deal with that later unless you want to recommend a better Case and Power Supply right now (without using the $500 budget). Only those 2 other things I will be willing to maybe replace. Storage devices, OS, and the rest stay.

[EXTRA HELP IF POSSIBLE]: Aside from these parts, if you want to recommend me a BETTER RAM, I would appreciate it just as long as it's under $175 and a MINIMUM of 8GB, preferred if 12 or 16 GB's. (DO NOT USE $500 FROM THE BUDGET WHEN LOOKING FOR A RAM)

The current RAM I plan on getting at a later time:
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    because of compact space, using noctua will not be a good choice
    use corsair AIO cooler, so you can show off your black-red themed build

    it is faster ram, 2133 CL9. red
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