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So i m making new PC, Current PC is Compaq Presario CQ3559IN, Nothing is changed since i bought it but i m completely gonna change it, so i have some couple of questions about Size and Compatibility.I m gonna change
Mobo to M5A97 R 2.0
Processor to FX-8350
PSU to Corsair VS550
GFX to AMD HD 7750(Currently Using)
And RAM to Kingston HyperX DDR3 4GB to Total 8GB
But i heard FX 8350's stock fan is useless and processor easily get hot, so i will also need CPU cooler ? Any Suggestion would definitely help me.
So these all things will work together well ?or it will have any issue ? Is Power Supply Enough for all components ? will these components fit in my Case or will need bigger size Case ?
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    sadly that's a micro atx case... it won't fit ANY am3+ motherboards that would work with an 8 core fx chip.

    You'll need a new case as well... as for the stock cooler issue... yeah... that is sorta the thing with the 8 core fx chips... the cheapest cooler you probably should look at would be a hyper evo 212.

    something else to consider is the fx8320 is the SAME chip as the 8350... only clocked a little slower. You should be able to set it's clock speed up to the same as the 8350 without any real effort. most piledriver chips can typically clock up to 4.2-4.4ghz on stock vcore. heck my 8320 hit 4.5ghz on stock vcore.
  2. So can u tell me the name of Any cabinet in which i can fit tht Motherboard or atleast minimum dimension so i can find one myself ? Actually i dont want to change my mind for processor FX 8350 is pretty good, Do 8320 have same issue with cooler and get overheat ?
  3. the 8320 and 8350 are the exact same cpu. the 8350 just has a base clock speed of 4.0ghz while the 8320 has a base clock speed of 3.6ghz; there is no difference between them. if you had an 8320 clocked to 4.0ghz it would perform exactly the same as the 8350.

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

    Case: Thermaltake Commander MS-I ID ATX Mid Tower Case ($19.99 @ Micro Center)
    Total: $19.99
    Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available
  4. ingtar33 is right on the money!

    I have an 8320 and I love it. Glad I didn't spend the cash on an 8350! Just get a nice cooler and you'll get all the power you need from it. I put mine on an H110 and I'm almost afraid at how much I can get this sucker to overclock and run stable. I've stopped at 4.7 and just said that's enough for now.

    Make sure you get a QUALITY board. These chips run hot! The asus is a good choice (I went with a Sabertooth myself after nearly melting the cheap MSI board!)

    Check this list:

    Make sure whatever board you look at has AT LEAST 8 VRM phase counts!!

    The Hyper 212 is a good bet for cheap air cooling if you're not going to do any major overclocking!

    Get a new case man! It's bad computer juju to get yourself a whole new build and put it into a mass produced husk of rust! :P
  5. Yeah Exactly this Computer is now old enough and i didnt bought it for gaming, but now look like i have to change all the things in this to make it a good gaming PC, Anyway i got evrything i was looking for Thnks all of you for advice !!
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