Creating dualboot option- xp on one drive, but booting straight into windows 7

Hi all,

I have 3 hard drives- a partitioned one where xp is installed on one partition and storage on the other, an ssd, and a 3rd storage drive.

background: I used to have vista installed on the other partition, next to XP, but when I upgraded to 7, I installed it on a new ssd. Since doing so, I boot straight into windows 7.

My question: how can I create a boot screen where I can choose whether to boot up in xp or windows 7? I've skimmed plenty of dual boot instructions, but they all deal with installing new versions of windows 7.

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  1. Hi

    You probably need a BCD editor to add XP to win 7 boot menu
    You may also need to edit boot.ini on XP drive it the BCD editor does not do it for you

    This gives some posts on programs & their use
    Or using the Microsoft version

    If you install XP first then vista or 7 the installation is usually picks up the older version of windows

    Mike Barnes
  2. Personally, run XP in a virtual machine, your not going to get any future updates and this will protect it a bit better and also make life hard for nasties to infect your Windows 7 install from XP.
  3. Thanks- I downloaded easybcd and used it to create a bootloader that would take me into xp. It failed to boot into xp so I'm going to have to repair it. All the dual boot things I've read talk about installing xp first- will it cause a problem if I re-install xp on the other drive without touching my windows 7 installation?
  4. My problem with using a vm is that the only reason I keep xp around is to play a small set of games that don't run on the 64 bit systems- I tried using a vm/xp set-up to play them but ran into all kinds of driver problems a few years ago.
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    when turning on our computer.. try to press f2 and when the setup blue screen is displayed.. go to boot menu and choose the drive you want to boot.. select it as your boot option.. if this works.. (choose me as your answer)
    hope it works.. :D
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