What is the best GPU for gaming @1080p with 1 monitor.

I will be using 1 monitor for gaming @1080p but I want to know what is the best GPU that will allow me to play games now and in the future at ultra settings with good fps. I was thinking GTX 770 but what about the GTX 780 or r9 290? Also will 2gb of vram be enough?
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  1. What are your other configurations? Like Proccessor and ram?
  2. for the same other configurations like processor and ram and storage . the 780 is superior to the 770 and slightly lil bit better than the r9 . but consider the budget .because the 780 is way too expensive . the r9 is the around the same price as the 770 and offers the same performance as of the 780 . so consider that
    also consider that r9 generates heat more than the 780 . that will not make much difference since you are building a gaming rig and you will install good quality cooling system . those high end GPU'S need that
    so short answer : performance wise the best is the 780 . budget wise the best is the r9
    though if i were you i'd wait till October .because the new Maxwell cards from nvidia are coming out around october
  3. i5-4690 3.5Ghz and 8gb 1600Mhz corsair vengeance
  4. Battlefield 4 recommends 3gb vram and the 770 780 and 290 are all great it just depends on how much you want to spend.
  5. A GTX 780 Ti 3 GB and R9-290X 4 GB are best right now.
  6. I think for my budget the GTX 770 is the highest right now. Paired with the i5-4690 will it do what I want it to do?
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    iXGamerXi said:
    I think for my budget the GTX 770 is the highest right now. Paired with the i5-4690 will it do what I want it to do?

    Yes it should be able to max just about every game out right now
  8. yea the 770 is great but you will struggle with next year's titles . i'd suggest to get the r9 since it's around the same price so you won't need to upgrade so soon . or hold on for october to see what would maxwell look like
  9. Right now on amazon the GTX 770 is about £240 and the r9 290 is £320. Where can you see them at the same price?
  10. i am not even american . but even in UK the difference can't be a whopping 100 sterling pounds
    something is not right
    anyway you can get it from the US . i guess shipping and taxes and whatsoever won't cost anything over 30 sterling pounds for you .i am judging by the way it calculates when i buy things to where i live from the us ( i live in egypt )
  11. you see , 360 dollars are 210 pounds
    so adding shipment and other stuff including taxes . let's say it would cost you 250 pounds
    still you saved good amount of money
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