600W PSU enough? 11,7V at 12V rails

Hello guys,
recelty I have made my own gaming build.

MSI R9 270X Gaming 2GB
Intel Core i5-4570
Kingston HyperX Fury Black 8GB DDR3 1600MHz
MSI B85-G43 - Intel B85
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 120GB
Samsung HD103SI 1TB (old one)
Zalman ZM600-LX 600W (peak 48A at 12V rails)
Zalman Z1 Black

Then I figured out that I have some money left and changed my GPU for MSI R9 290 Gaming 4GB, which max TDP is 300W. I wasnt sure about my PSU, since it is only 600W. Everyone I asked told me that it should be enough, so I decided to try it on my own. Everything is running fine, BF3 maxed out ultra details, full HD is running at stable 70-120 FPS. Then I figured out that my 12V rails is running at 11,7V while playing any HW intensive game, while in Windows it is 12V. I made a test playing Watch Dogs, since it is most intensive game I have ever played (only Crysis 3 may be more intensive, not sure about it).

I dont really want to change my PSU, since I am not really experienced at it. My friend helped me to fix components in my PC, but he is out of reach at the moment.

I also noticed that my GPU temperature is at 80-90C while playing intensive game, but it shouldnt be a problem, I guess. It just makes my case very hot even if I have 2x 120mm cooler inside the case.

Watch Dogs maxed out (Ultra Settings / Full HD res / MSAA x8 / HBAO+ High):
Max FPS 40 / min FPS 25 / CPU boost 3,2>3,4GHz / GPU core boost 977>1007MHz
Tested by AIDA64 and Fraps

My questions are:
1) Is 600W really enough if my PC is running fine?
2) Is 11,7V at 12V rails a problem while playing a game? May it damage my system?
3) Why is the game running only average 30FPS on high-end GPU? Is it a PSU fault or is Watch Dogs just very intensive game at Ultra settings?

Thanks you very much for help, Sharal
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    A Radeon R9-290 - needs at least 31 amps on the 12v rail and a 550 watt power supply. and i u have downloaded watch dogs then there is a hotfix for game shuttering and low it and try it..and add some more fans to your case if u can..
  2. Ok, it seems my PSU it okay then. I will check that hotfix for Watch Dogs and also add some more fans to my case, thanks for advice ^^
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