What gpu should i buy ?

Going to buy a new graphics card next month what one would you recommend i buy ? my budget is about £500 i was thinking about a gtx 780ti or would i be better getting a 780 and oc it or a different card all together ?

i was going to sli my gtx 670 4gb but im thinking about just buying a single card so i can sli that further down the line although it wont be as powerful as a 670 sli as a second 670 4gb is about 280 cheapest and 400 for the evga 4gb sc the exacr same card as mine

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  1. Since you already own a relatively good card with 4gb vram, I wouldn't think too much about buying a different card. I'd go with SLI.
  2. be better off getting a gtx 780 imo
  3. If the prices dont go down for the GTX 780 TI by the time you are going to be buying a GPU, I suggest getting the GTX 780 SC and then SLI that in the future. You can also get the GTX 780 6GB Version
  4. thats overkill and overpriced
  5. thinking about going for a 1440p display as well forgot to say
  6. id get a 780gtx+1440p monitor seems smart to me
  7. 4gb vram on a 1440p is more than enought already. I stick to the idea of going SLI, and later in the future getting another powerful single gpu.
  8. tuff decision would 670 sli run most games at 60fps at 1440p ? and why 670 with 4gb so expensive
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    i wouldnt invest ina 670 4 gigs. id sell the 4 gigs 670 on ebay or we, and invest ina gtx 780+1440p monitor seemslike best bet
  10. i appreciate everyones input i think i will sell my 670 on ebay any buy a 780 or 780ti thanks everybody great help
  11. sounds good cheers
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