Motherboard and Cpu Problem?

Hello i wanna upgrade my cpu from a amd fx4100 to a fx8350 but will my motherboard and psu handle it?
Motherboard: Asus M5A97 LE R.2
Psu: Corsair Cx600
Gpu: Msi Gtx 780 OC

I wont overclock anything
Please answear
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  1. Yes. The PSU and motherboard will work just fine
  2. Are you sure? I will probably buy it tomorrow then
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    Yes. Since you're not overclocking anything, that would work fine
  4. I will not recommend the Corsair CX600, as it is a cheap PSU. I will recommend the Corsair TX or RM series if you can afford it.
  5. wow thanks, nuclear i cant really afford it atm but do you think it can handle it till i get money for a new psu?
  6. It will work, but I also noticed something else you should change, the GPU. It is overkill unless you are using professional applications (real-time video editing) on 3+ monitors. I would sell the 780 and instead get a GTX 770.
  7. i will probably keep it, i got it from my friend because he bought the gtx titan z. Btw what heatsink do you recommend for the fx 8350? i have the zalman cnps10x but it will probably not be good enough?
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