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I need to install a new machine on Windows 7.

I am wondering to buy a new SSD HD 264 Gb for the boot.

I have also another two HD with 500gb and 1 Tb, as a secondaries.
Could you recommend which partition consider ?
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  1. I'd have no partitions. Just use each drive as is.
    The SSD for OS and applications, the other drives for whatever doesn't fit, and/or doesn't need to live on the SSD.
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    The 500GB are likely quite old and slow.

    What I would do is this:

    Using Intel SATA Ports Numbered 1,2,3,4 in this example (might be 0, 1, 2, 3)

    a) Connect optical to SATA Port 4 if you have one.
    b) Connect 256 or 128 GB SSD to SATA port 1 with it being the only storage device in system.
    c) Install OS
    d) Do all windows updates and driver installs
    e) Connect 1 TB to SATA Port 3
    g) Install all games / programs whatever ya like, partitioned however you like
    h) Disconnect SATA cable from SSD
    i) Connect 500GB drive to SATA port 2
    j) Repeat c and d on 500 GB drive...... see * below

    Now you can boot off SSD, use programs and games off 1 TB drive and boot off 500Gb if SSD dies.

    * at this point you can reinstall ya programs and games again over themselves so to make necessary registry entries and run off either boot.
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