What is causing my fps to be so low?

I got a amd fx-8350 and geforce gtx 660 video card. How much potential does my processor have?
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  1. full specs?
  2. iceclock said:
    full specs?

    I dont know my motherboard but I only know I have 8 gigs of ram, fx-8350 processor and sorry it is acually a gtx 650 video card
  3. i need exact specs sir
  4. my motherboard is a ms-7641
  5. what powersupply
  6. what games and what settings.
  7. infestation survival stories - high/ultra
  8. I have to turn off shadow so i dont lag
  9. And if I get bf4 what setting do you think I can play on?
  10. iceclock said:
    what games and what settings.

    I bought this computer and just seeing how it will work with all the games.
  11. prob medium settings id say
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