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hello, recently my r9 290 gpu broke and now im using the i5 4670k gpu. I have tested the whole computer at an expert and he says that the mobo is a little bit damage.

when i try to start my computer i have to push the psu button so that it turns of and on, and i have to continue doing this until 2 red light shine up (i have a asus maximus hero VI) and only then can i start the computer. ANd when it start i go trough a setup, its says that i need to press the f1 and os i do and then im in to the bios. This happens everytime i turn the computer off completely (no leds, no power)

what is this problem? thanks for all help!

thanks in advance!
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    bios update?
  2. could that be it? i dont really know how to install updates from the web for it to take effect, i get a weird thing that i cant open, am i supposed to put it somewhere? thanks
  3. read the manual, it's subtly different for each mobo.

    First you might want to do a factory reset on the mobo.
  4. so i loocked at my manual but i dont understand a thing. i just downlaoded the update and its a file cap it says. when i read in the manual it says things like: channel A DIMM Control [enable boot]

    i dont really understand...
  5. i think i found the solution, thanks anyway
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