SpeedFan cannot detect 4th case fan and CPU temp

I installed speedfan to be able to change fan speed and check on my CPU temps:

I got technically 4 fans installed (aside from the GPU)
Heatsink Fan
3 Case fans
from what i have read so far the "fan 1" on Speedfan is my Heatsink fan. I also have fan2 and fan 3. unfortunately i was expecting 4 fans.

also my cpu fan is not detected
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  1. I forgot to add my mobo is MSI A88X-G43 FM2+
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    Please check the config to make sure you are not stuck with a fan simply not being able to fit.

    To confirm you have

    CPUFan, Sysafan1, Sysfan2, and Sysfan3 on the board all populated with fans.

    You may also want to use other software to see if they detect fans as well.

    Open Hardware Monitor - Very similar to Hwmonitor, but with some extra features. Open Hardware Monitor does not see my ups status while Hwmmonitor does. Open Hardware Monitor also allows fan speed, but it is manual only.

    You can either slow the fans with software or your finger to see what fans are showing on what sensors in software.
  3. i downloaded CPUID HWMONITOR
    i only got CPU, system fan 1, system fan 2 on fans PWM
    all 3 of my fans are identical I'm sure the one not detected is still PWM
    i got the temp for the CPU which is great... only prob now is the fan detection. and I'm sure it's connected properly
  4. If the board has software, please try that as well.

    Does the bios see them all.

    The problem with 3rd party software is it tries to work on a HUGE set of hardware and does not always get it right.
  5. ok, I'm using MSI a88x-g43, i can't find them in bios
  6. Well looking at the manual(Section 1 Page 21) for that board it would appear to now allow monitoring of the fan connected to port SysFan3(top right of the board)

    So this looks to be the issue(it is by design).

    You bios should have a section called Hardware Monitor on the right side of the main screen to allow you to see what it can see.
  7. anyways i think it's silent enough for me, thanks a lot though
  8. i should start reading manuals next time... hahaha... thanks a lot sir
  9. No problem.

    Enjoy the system.
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