Please help! GPU random shut down play games???

This problem first happened randomly after i've had my machine:
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with SP1 OEM
1 PCCG BIOS/Firmware Update
1 Thermaltake Water 3.0 Extreme Liquid Cooling System
1 ASUS DRW-24D3ST 24x DVD Writer
1 Seasonic M12II 750W Power Supply
1 CoolerMaster CM Storm Trooper with Window
1 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 760 OC Edition 2GB
1 Intel Core i7 4930K
1 Corsair CMP8GX3M2A1600C9 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3
1 ASUS P9X79 Motherboard
1 Samsung 840 EVO Series 250GB SSD
For a few months. I am now lost after i've contacted my friend for help. Here is gpu and cpu.

Now my main thoughts is this has to either be a heat or power issue at the moment.

I have tried 2 games so far, counter strike-global offensive on steam and i also play World of warcraft.

First let me explain what is exactly happening and how it started.
I was playing cs:go rank match, i alt tab out and then back in while i had VLC/Itunes open and alt tabbed back in and the game randomly crashed, displaying a green screen and a straight ticking sound.
I can open games up to the menu, it is only when i suppose i need the gpu pushed, jumping Into the game it doesn't like it and just carks it.
Now when the gpu has failed. The computer will turn off and turn back on but the gpu doesn't boot itself back up after the restart. So i just wait a minute or so and it usually starts when i start the computer.

I also thought it to be a driver software issue, so i have upgraded to the 337.50 beta version from 335 ~.

UPDATE: I decided to try a game on all low settings possible.. start game. Crash. When the gpu wasn't running (look at the fans) i gave the power cords on the card a slight push and it started up again. The chords are already as in as they will go, hmm :(

UPDATE: I removed the my EPSON workforce 435 from my 5 socket power connector to try and spare power to the gpu? and i played a game of cs:go and it seems to work.... for now...

Update: Still fails. Randomly and also the gpu can STILL be running when it does.
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  1. If it isn't software related, then I suggest you open up your PC case and check to make sure everything is placed correctly, and also de-activate the dedicated graphics so it doesn't interfere with your gpu. It may also be a faulty card, even if it's new it sometimes happens that they pack a faulty gpu, so taking it to warranty is the best thing to do. You could also test your gpu on another computer or a friend's computer for example, if same thing happens then it should be the gpu's fault. Hope you'll get it all sorted out!
  2. Thanks for answer doge, what you mean de-activate dedicated gpu, I think my 760 gtx is the dedicated one no?.
    I really hope it isn't a faulty gpu, i mean i just played cs:go for ~1 hour and then it crash (gpu still running though, fans etc) .
  3. FURTHER UPDATE: Today the game crash before the actual gameplay even started, but then just alt tab itself out. Came up with a light-brownish screen. Maybe software problem?
  4. Sorry, I meant the in-built gpu from your i7 4930k but I've seen that this processor has no gpu, so if it's software problem try reinstalling the drivers or switching to an older version or try to reinstall your Windows if this isn't the cause it must be a problem with the gpu itself.
  5. Going to try the 331.82 driver, even though EVERY SINGLE driver you type in google and then 'problem' afterwards will find something lol. I just read on a forum that a person said "best to stay with 331.82 until a fix comes along" - but that was probably quite a while ago.

    UPDATE: tried the 331.82 driver, i can get further with World of warcraft (to the character screen in stead of crash instantly just booting it up). I guess i'll try another one but maybe a bit later version.
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    Had a few problem with the nVidia drivers too, although it was Windows 8.1's fault, I couldn't install the latest version, as my screen would turn black and there would be just the cursor showing and flickering.
    But, anyways, I still quite think that something is wrong with the GPU, see if it still happens with the older drivers. Also on an off-topic note, crashing in a competitive CS:GO match is the worst thing ever, especially when you're winning lol. Happened to me and I couldn't rejoin as Steam totally went crazy on me heh.
  7. ha yeah man, anyway i believe i have fixed it. Atleast WoW has started up and i presume cs:go should be about the same.
    I took the main PCI-E power cables coming out of the PSU, even though they don't seem to naturally want to fit and one has an extra 2 lead (6-2) it seems to be working... i guess it was power issue funny enough... why now randomly? hmm. Who the beep knows. I also thought the tests with the power were okay, but i guess you don't have time to check it when you actually play the game and get in it, that the power REALLY kicks in. Even for a second , not being able to alt tab back out to see the power limits etc on the gpu-z program or whatever.

    Yayyyy for me lol.
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