Retrieving data from a NAS drive that's now in my pc

So I've had this network storage drive for a long time that's seen little use, but it does have quite a bit of data on it, so I thought I'd remove it from the enclosure and just install the hard drive into my pc via sata port. I have the power and connections working on it, but I stupidly assumed I'd be able to easily just go into the drive and access the data. But it's asking me to format, and I can't find any way to access it. I damaged the enclosure when taking the HDD out (the hard drive itself is fine though) so putting it back into the enclosure and accessing it that way to back it up is not an option anymore.

In disk management, the disk is split up into multiple partitions, 31 unallocated, 1.87 raw (d:) 251mb raw (h:) 956mb raw (I:) 928.42 raw(K:), all healthy.

Am I going to be able to get my data back without taking this thing out of my computer?
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  1. probably not., it may be formatted in a different file system that the NAS used. Put it back in the NAS and copy the stuff off to your pc.
  2. What kind of NAS was it? A lot of NAS drives run on Linux so the drive might just be formatted in ext3/ext4. Try downloading a copy of Ubuntu and see if you can access the data from there. You don't have to install anything as it can be run directly from the disk.

    From personal experience if it's a Netgear ReadyNAS you are going to struggle :p
  3. Try Linux Reader for Windows (freeware):
  4. fzabkar said:
    Try Linux Reader for Windows (freeware):

    Yeah that would be a lot easier than downloading and booting into Ubuntu. Not sure why I didn't think of that.
  5. It's a western digital my book world edition, 1tb. Model #wd10000H1NC-00. I do have a few copies of ubuntu OS disks lying around, would downloading that linux reader still be easier?
  6. Just tried that linux reader and the only accessible drive (I've double clicked on all the ones that aren't other drives) is the one highlighted in the image, linux ext volume 2 raid and linux ext volume 1, but it doesn't contain any of my files. Is there some feature to this software I am not aware of on how to recover something?
  7. first thing i would do is plug is back into the enclosure and make sure it still detects fine, before you are chasing ghosts on a drive that's dead or something.
  8. As I said in the op, the enclosure was damaged when I removed the drive from it, so that's not an option.
  9. Those volumes are far too small to be the data partition.

    I would try downloading Ubuntu (the latest version) and booting it just to see. I think that diskinternals program struggles with GPT formatted disks which could be why you aren't seeing any data partition. Also it doesn't support XFS formatted partitions which I've seen some NAS drives use (usually older ones).
  10. can you still connect the drive to the sata/usb board that was in the enclosure? WD sometimes uses odd geometry tricks to get the larger drives to work across multiple systems and you might have one of those boards which is why you cant see it correctly.
  11. UFS Explorer should be able to see/mount XFS partitions.

    Otherwise a Google search may find some freeware tools or XFS drivers:
  12. No. The sata device that was connected to the motherboard was connected by a very flimsy solder point that pretty much came off as soon as I attempted to even hold it.
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    I just came across this discussion and I was trying to retrieve the data from my WD My Book World Edition White 1TB. After verifying with WD Life Guard Diagnostics for Windows I tried various solutions (Disk Internals Linux Reader, Ubuntu) and had no success accessing the files. Finally I saw the suggestion of Raise Data Recovery XFS. I downloaded the software and was able to see the structure of the drive. The trial version is limited to very small files so it is very limited, but convinced me that the cost of $29.39 was worth it. I'm in the process of copying the files. What a relief!
  14. This tool worked great for me. See my response below. Costs $29.39
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