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Hey guys,
So I have recently decided to build a new gaming PC. I haven't build a system ever before but I have been pc gaming for quite a while now. I have mostly been using to pick out the best parts for my system as well as save money, but I do have certain requirements. I am asking if there is some online or downloadable program that will analyze my build, and then run some benchmarks and present the information after. If this is confusing, I will use an example. Say I was to build a pc with X CPU, but wasn't sure if the performance would be too different than Y CPU, which is cheaper. I could use this virtual benchmark to determine how much of a difference it would make.

Thanks guys, I do hope something like this exists so that I can feel secure in my decisions as I am on a budget of around 7 to 8 hundred dollars.
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    not a virual benchmark but you can compare CPU and GPU reviews to see the difference

    CPU is a bit more difficult to find but here is a comparison of most GPUs right now in a large set of games

  2. 'Performance' depends on what exactly you are doing as well as what parts.

    A quad core Intel CPU might be better than an AMD CPU for some things, but not others. And paired with GPU X vs GPU Y might change the equation in various ways.

    It's not just the parts, but what you are doing.
  3. does exactly what you asked for. It will analyze your pc if you download and run it. It will also allow you to make "virtual" alterations and see the performance impact.
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