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i already asked and recieved qn answer for if i could put a gtx 780 into an alienware aurora that came with an r9 270. but i wanted to make sure i could not only put a different graphics card in there. but also if i could get an upgraded graphics card like an msi or if it has to be the standard card?
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  1. Company card doesn't really matter there is no to slight differences between each model and yes you can put MSI, PNY, EVGA, ASUS, (name it) in a computer. to know if you could install a GTX 780 without bottlenecking we need to know what is your CPU. Since this is the most important part beside GPU for gaming.
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    It has to fit in your case. So check the card spec for length against what room there is in your case.

    It has to have a power supply big enough and good enough to run the card.

    You can run into problems with both these issues. So check carefully before deciding.

    Dell don't give info on max vga card length allowed in their cases. You have to measure and work it out.

    Dell also have underpowered and poor quality power supplies. But sometimes they have different 24 pin motherboard connectors so you can't interchange anything. Good quality power supplies are per tiers 1, 2a and 2b per
  3. decided to just build my own. thanks tho
  4. Don't blame you. Dell and HP are pains in the butt.
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