Mounting the front panel case fan - from the INSIDE?!

For the life of me, I can't figure how to pull of the front panel case mask, so just not to break something - how can I best mount the fan from the inside of the case? There's the space for it and I can access the grate and 4 screw holes, but I also don't have the original screws.
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  1. Removing the FP cover will, of course, depend on the case you have. Some cases' FPs simply 'pop' off and others need to have tabs released from the inside to allow the FP to be removed. You generally cannot mount a front fan from the inside of the case.
  2. name and model of that case .
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    Solved it - there were tiny screws holding the front panel accessible when opening both left and right panel (facepalm). It's some older NEO case.
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