Samsung S4 says "Damaged SD card" Please help!

I have samsung galaxy s4 and 64GB Kingston Micro SD Card. One time I took out the SD card out of my phone (safely) and placed it on an old phone (ZTE blade [Orange San Francisco]) to see if it will work on there and it didn't recognise as I later found out that it didn't support 64GB. So when I put the micro SD card back on the galaxy s4, it's not recognising it anymore and saying that it is "Damaged SD card" and that the only option is to format it. I tried putting it on to the computer but it only asks me to format it. I would have formatted but I have many important data on it.

Please help me for any solution, Thank you very much.
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    run command prompt as administrator then chkdsk X: /f (X is a sd drive letter)
    If this wont help then format is the only way.
  2. Yes!!! it worked thanks a lot!!!
  3. I am having the same problem but I never took my SD card out of the phone. How do I "run command prompt as administrator then chkdsk X: /f (X is a sd drive letter)" as suggested? Do I have to connect to a PC? I can still see all of my files. But the indicator is still there. Thanks
  4. Ra_V_en said:
    run command prompt as administrator then chkdsk X: /f (X is a sd drive letter)
    If this wont help then format is the only way.
  5. Supposedly the S4 should support 64GiB cards:

    Might be formatted incorrectly, though.
  6. I forced stopped an app (1Weather) and found that my sd card had become corrupt and I couldn't access anything on it. I attempted to access via USB connection from my phone to PC and couldn't access my SD card still. Finally after about a week trying to find just an SD card adapter I recalled that I had and SD card adapter but hadn't used it in over I think three years. Thought back to where I last seen it and voillla it was where I last saw it. Slipped my SD card out of my phone (at first when measuring it against the opening in the SD card it looked as though it wouldn't fit, but actually the SD card was in an adapter of some sort on the galaxy s4). So once realizing that inserted the sd card into my adapter and slipped into my sim card slot on my PC and again voila the drive (on my PC F: drive appeared in explorer). I then entered the commands mentioned above in Command Prompt as Administrator and my external SD drive was repaired. How do I know I using Windows explorer verified that I could access and open the files that I was concerned might be loss. Once confirmed then I copied all contents over to my personal cloud device and verified that I could open them there too and I could. Then inserted the SD card back into my galaxy s4 and using My Files checked and found that I could access my SD CARD again and was successful. Then I moved to my SD CARD again those apps that can run on my SD CARD freeing up space on my internal galaxy s4 storage. Hooray.... Took a few days to get to this point but glad I persevered so I didn't have to reformat my SD card and saved to me the valuable data I had on the SD card. Now I will back up regularly to my personal cloud device or can back up to drop box or other available storage locations. I'm simple elated at this point.
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