I completely reinstalled windows 8.1, and I STILL have audio distortion due to latency.

I've been scrounging the internet for forums, from evga to geforce to asus to everywhere for help, so I'm trying here as well.

I built my PC recently and have unfortunately run into a hurdle. Since I finished it, the audio has been crackling, but I've simply ignored it / use headphones. The audio only crackles when I send it through my GTX 780 via hdmi. It does not crackle with headphones, nor through the hdmi of the mobo.

So: after a ton of research I've found some people suggesting latency monitoring software. I've tried two of these, DCP latency checker and LatencyMon. Both show a spike in latency when playing anything with audio.

Here is a short video showing this:


Mobo : Asus Z97-A
Processor: i5-4670K
Case: Carbide 400R

As of right now, I've completely reinstalled windows.

The problem appeared from this moment:
Install 8.1
Installed LatencyMon
Installed Intel Lan driver for ethernet
Installed Firefox
Installed Flash
Installed Nvidia 337.88 graphics driver (JUST the graphics driver)

That was it. Game over; the crackle was back. But again, if I remove the card and use the mobo hdmi, there's no issue. BUT the card worked fine in another system.

Using latencymon I see that two items pop up when playing a video: dxgkrnl.sys and nvlddmkm.sys.

I really am at a loss as to what to do next...... I'm starting to think there might be an issue with my wiring or my cables
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  1. Seriously, anyone?
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