Files downloading to sdd, when I want them to download to my HDD

I bought a computer a few days ago, and its working just like how I wanted it to, so thats good, Now, I bought a ssd and a hdd. My thoughts was to have Windows on the ssd, and a few games or programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro etc. My question is that when I download stuff from the internet, it goes directly to my sdd, which I dont want. I want all that kinda stuff to go to my HDD. How can I possible fix this?

THANK YOU! Any help is appriciated.

Sorry if this thread is not in the right category....
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    Change your browser settings to either default to somewhere on the HDD, or Ask every time.

    Also, see these for all your normal files (doc, music, etc):
    Win 7 & 8:
    Win 8.1:
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