Gigabyte gtx 760 rev 2.0 2gb vram a good choice now?

I was first leaning towards AMD but after watching a friend of mine playing (trying actually) to play BF4 with his HD 7870 it was just awful and it was a drivers problem, so i just changed my mind to a 760 (Gigabyte Rev 2.0 2gb VRAM). I heard the Nvidia cards have way better drivers and are really overclockeable... i will be using an i5 4690k with the HD 4600 IGPU for the momment, so i really wanted to know if its was worth it.. not going for anything around 300 bucks so dont suggest the r9 280x because in that price point i could go with the 770...

I5 4690k 4.0ghz
Gigabyte z97 gaming 7
Corsair Vengance 1600mhz 8gb
XFX pro 650w psu
AOC 23 inch monitor 1920x1080p 60hz
Sentey 6600 Wolf
CM Seidon 120M
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    Sure, the GTX 760 is fine for 60 FPS gaming at 1080p. You can get an R9 280 for less and get the same performance (better in Battlefield 4, probably), but it sounds like you don't care. :P

    Hard to give a stronger opinion than "its fine" when you've already eliminated most of the alternatives.
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