Router says that I have a connection, but can't access the Internet.

My computer and iPod show that i DO have some sort of connection to my router, but I can't actually access the internet. If I unplug and plug the router back in, it starts working again. It's a Linksys router, the WRT54GL model, I think, and pretty old. I've been having this problem maybe once every two months for a couple years, so it hasn't really bothered me THAT much. But it's happened 8 times in the last three days, and it's consistently interrupted me in the middle of work and play. At this point, I don't really know what to say, and I'm considering just picking up a new router. Any thoughts?
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    Most consumer-priced routers (ie sub £100) pack up or start misbehaving after a couple of years. I could fill a wheelie-bin with those that have packed up on me or have starting causing me endless problems. Consequently I now keep a couple of new ones as spares. Best option is to bin it and replace it. My preference is Netgear as their latest ones seem to finally be reasonably reliable, only needing a restart every couple of months.

    One of these days I'm gonna bite the bullet and buy a "Brilliant" model. Very pricey but apparently very reliable too, but for now my Netgear (9 months old) is doing fine (touch wood).
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