Replacing main drive with SSD, not sure what to do with old storage

My rig has a WD 300gig VelociRaptor for the main OS that was manufactured in 2009 and has just under 1 years' worth of on-time. I'm planning to replace it with a Samsung 840 EVO 250 and also possibly add a 2.5" WD Black 750gb drive for local storage of videos/photos/docs (I only have about 100gb worth right now that I've accumulated in the last several years).

I haven't had any disc errors or any other issues that would indicate it's dying. I felt that replacing it after 5 years would make prudent sense to preemptively avoid a failure and benefit from the SSD's improved performance.

I also have 3.5" 2009 WD 640gig and a 2009 WD Blue 250gig drives that have a handful of hours of on-time and have only been powered up a few times to be used as back-ups.

I'm going to be swapping my current case's guts into a Sugo 09 case from a Rosewill mini-tower and thought going with the new 2.5" Black HD will give me the storage I need, shed some weight and be brandy-new.

I'm not 100% sure whether or not this makes economical sense since I could swap in the 2009 WD 640gig and be all good, but part of me is slightly leery of the age of the disk. Or, keep the 2009 WD VR drive as storage - I'm not sure what to do.

Ultimately, I want to make sure my local data is stable and I am copying my critical files to the cloud for an additional layer of recovery.
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    The WD VelciRaptor series has (according to WD here ) a 1,400,000 hour expected lifetime (~160 years continual running - do you believe that?), I'd be inclined to keep using it at least until issues arise
  2. Take out the hard drive and give it to one in need. By the way I decided to do a little experiment on how long a hard disk can continue performing and this is what I got hard disk are quite durable. I got an ancient 40 gb hard drive scavenged from an old laptop, it's probably 13-14 years old(it's in a very cheap enclosure), I had accidentally dropped it from a height of roughly 1 to 2 meters from the vibrating hood of a car a couple of times, running intense format with rewrites set to 20 in a hot and humid environment for hours (IR gun registers a temperature of 72 degrees celsius on the enclosure, accidentally smacked it with a hard metal rod real hard a couple of times, im-properly shutting down the hard drive a million times (hard drive is configured not for use as an external hard drive), faulty usb connection causing the hard drive to click.(solution is to disconnect and reconnect), lets see what else, besides an accident causing a crack on the corner of the 2mm thick aluminium metal case and the hard drive literally flew out of the enclosure, I'll say it is still working. It's a Toshiba made hard drive, can I ask why it refuses to die? Sorry I got out of topic
  3. You can by an external case ($25 or so) with USB connection and use it for external drive
  4. I'll get the SSD to replace my VR drive and then use the VR or WD640gig drive for storage. The other drives will maybe be put into external drive USB carriers or be sold off.
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