Which monitor calibration equipment would be best for my needs?

I am running a PC with an Nvidia GTX 780. I recently purchased a couple new monitors secondhand so I am now running 3 monitors. I have a 23" hp LCD (only using until I can get the monitor I really want), an HP 27" 2711x, and a 27" Monoprice Zero-G.

The issue I am having is that each monitor has severely different brightness, gamma, and color levels; which I expected to an extent. The reviews on the Monoprice stated the brightness and colors were not good stock, but once it is calibrated it is actually quite good, so that is where I am at: Which calibration equipment should I get?

I am considering the following:

X-Rite ColorMunki Display: $169

X-Rite ColorMunki Smile: $85

DataColor Spyder Pro 4: $149

Naturally I want to save as much money as possible, but simultaneously I don't want to be disappointed with my results.Unfortunately I have no experience in this field but my needs are not high either. My goals are simply to match the color, brightness, and sharpness across all 3 screens while being as accurate to true life as possible. I want to repeat the process again later when I get my final monitor (replacing the 23"). Would the ColorMunki Smile fit my needs or would I be better of getting the ColorMunki Display/Spyder Pro 4?

Also, would these calibrators work on LED/LCD television sets because I have many of those also.

Thank You All!
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    To save money, I opted for the Spyder4Pro. Let me explain why:

    Spyder4Pro is the cheapest colorimeter with an ambient light sensor. If you calibrate without ambient light compensation, only the colors will be linearized and the black and white levels (contrast, brightness) won't be corrected.

    If you wish to print out the stuff you edit on your monitor, this is essential, given that only with corrected black and white levels, you will see the same contrast on your monitor than on your prints. Otherwhise, the money you save with the colormunki smile, you will spend with trial and error on your prints...
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