Lost hard drive raid when reinstall windows 7

Hi all. I strip 2-3tb hard drive to 1 on windows 7 it was working very well.
After a year my PC boot an eroor and I just deleted partition and reinstall windows 7 and it did not see the raid anymore . Please help . I used some sofeware to created raid 0 but now I lost that softWare so how do I recover from my hard drive, recomand what sofeware please. thank you so much in advanced. (Sorry for my English)
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    recover from your harddrive?

    Do you want your raid back or what was stored on your raid back?
  2. Hi thank you for responding . Yes I want my raid back but I don't want to loose my video files because I have some wedding video that need to work for my client or how do I recovery raid data?
    Thank you again for your responding,
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