Is there something wrong with my GTX 760

I've been getting like 30 fps on all settings for far cry 3 and far cry 3 blood dragon. It's the same on ultra as it is on low. I've been told I should be able to run it on ultra with ambient occlusion and msaa turned off and get 50-60 fps. Can my card just not run the game? If so how am I supposed to run new and intensive games like Shadow of Mordor
CPU: i5 4670k
RAM: 16gb
Storage: 1tb HDD 120gb SSD
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    Well I have a GTX 760 just like you. Also like you I had performance issues. But this was resolved when I upgraded my processor from an AMD FX 6100 to a AMD FX 8350! But it looks like you don't have that sort of problem. Have you updated all of your drivers? Have you defragmented your hard drive? Where do you keep your games and Steam stored? On your SSD or HDD? Any virus protection software? Just go through the list of things that could potentially be wrong.
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