Was this a good deal at Newegg?

I got an i7 4790k Bundled with GIgabyte z97x Gaming 5 Motherboard for $399.68 USD I hope this was a great deal.
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  1. Yes, you got that for a good price. You saved about $60. Is this for a gaming build?
  2. Yes I actually got it 85 dollars off.
  3. What GPU/GPUs will you be using?
  4. gtx 770 sc acx evga
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    An i7 is pretty pointless when paired with a 770 for gaming. An i5 would have been a better idea, and then the saved money could have been better spent on a better GPU.

    There is no real difference between an i5 and an i7 in gaming unless you have multiple gtx780s in SLI.
  6. Its made for more future proof
  7. There is honestly no such thing as future proof. There is no way to tell if that i7 will make any difference at all in the future. It is very possible that games will use more cores vs. hyper threading in the future. It is generally never recommended to spend any real money trying to make things "future-proof" as it doesn't even really exist.

    People though in 2009 that hyper threading would matter in games within 2 years and look, it still makes very little to no difference at all.
  8. Oh my cousin told me not to buy a GPU so fast because technology is advancing so fast.
  9. That is how it always it. No reason at all not to buy a GPU right now.
  10. Ima return the 770 and get the new Maxwell series more performance.
  11. You are not understanding the point. Right now if you spend $320 you get a gtx770. You will not get more performance for that money when the new cards come out.

    $320 is $320. You won't get magically more performance because the series is new. That is not how it works. Chances are you will have to spend MORE than $320 to get equal gtx770 performance due to the cards just releasing and being new. It is smarter to keep the 770.
  12. Oh alright thanks for the Tip bro. I dont really need to put in my EVGA just yet because I play a game that requires a P4 called Cross Fire.
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