GTX750Ti Twin Frozr (Help Me Please Fast !)

Hello There.
I Want To Buy The Video Card GTX750Ti Twin Frozr
And i Have Core i 3 -2100 3.10 GHz And i Know Its Appropriate To My Motherborad.
So Someone From you Website Told Me That i Have A Bottleneck.
Please I need Your Help As Soon As Posibble.
And Have A Wonderful Day (; Vontaxe
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  1. Not really, seems to be a fairly good match. i3-2100 isn't the fastest processor out there, but it is by no means slow for being a dual core. GTX750Ti is about the minimum I would recommend for gaming. GTX750 and GTX650 are both a little slower and consume more power.
  2. So I Buy The GTX750Ti Twin Frozr Beacuse i Think Is Really Batter Then The GTX 560
  3. Yes, it is significantly faster then a GTX560, that is going back two (really three) generations of video cards from Nvidia.
  4. Best answer
    It will do just fine.
    My suggestion is maybe choose even better series card like 660, or even 760. The reason is that 750 even if its Ti will get outdated pretty soon. In my opinion the gaming quality and graphics is very important, but it sucks if you have to change the card in like 1-3 years.
    Your planed setup will do just fine, but i think you maybe can save for 660.
  5. Oh... i Think That 660 Is Dont What i Need Its Too Much Too Me..
    Then i Want Have Bottleneck ?
  6. You can go for your 750ti, but it wont be able to run everything on high. Personally i am also gonna upgrade my PC. I want to run everything on highest possible for next few years at least. I am gonna go with 780. I mean it depends on what you want.
  7. Ok Dude Thank You For Help
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