i5 3570k temps too high?

It is currently summer where I live and when gaming i.e. Battlefield 3 my 3570k has a max temp of about 80-85 C. The ambient temps are about 40-55 C. Is this too high for a stock 3570k on the stock cooler. Will be getting an aftermarket cooler soon
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  1. Cx9/5+32=F

    40C = 104F
    55C = 131F

    I didn't know they have Internet service there in Death Valley! :sol:

    What's your Ambient again?
  2. Did i really put that? Ambient in my house is about 30-35 C
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    30 to 35C? ... that's HOT! Much cold beer is required!

    Your core temperatures are also hot, but at that ambient with the stock cooler, that about right. The sooner you get your aftermarket cooler the better.

    In the mean time, you might want to read this: Intel Temperature Guide -

    CT :sol:
  4. Its about 30c outside but i dont have air conditioning so temps inside can go up to 35c and the heat from the pc doesnt help either :( Thanks
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