PC won't boot with new RAM

Hey guys, my PC is:
AMD x2 64 4200+ 2.2ghz Dual Core

Just tried applying 4 ddr2 new ram sticks to this PC and the computer doesn't boot. Just a black screen. When I add the ram stick that was previously used with the computer it boots fine. I purchased 4x gigs of Hynix 2rx8 pc2 6400u-666-12

Previous ram stick was
Super talent 1gb ddr2 667 pc5300 cl5

I updated the bios to the newest version and still don't know what to do, any suggestions?
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  1. What speed is the ram you purchased.
  2. I've looked at the specs of your motherboard and your ram and they seem to match, the only thing I can't think of is that the ram is defective(I for one have never heard of that brand in my life). You can always try to buy ram from a more trustable brand. (Corsair, pny, crucial, etc)
  3. Currently trying to mess around with bios to see if there is anything I can configure to suit this chipset.
  4. Does anyone know what I can do in bios to tweak around to get these to work? These ram sticks were tested and do work.
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    Try each stick by itself. If they all boot by themselves, install 1 bank. If that works, take those 2 sticks out and then try the other 2 sticks. If they work, enter the BIOS and raise your memory voltage slightly, we are talking about tenths of a volt, and try, you can go like 1.9, 2.0, 2.1. 2.2 is about the highest I would go. It is normal, especially with DDR2 to need to raise the voltage slightly to get it to run stable when you install 4 sticks.
  6. I found on my bios where to change my computer to correspond with pc2 6400 and each stick works in singles. Can't get them all to work together in dual channels. Where in bios can I raise the voltage? I can't seem to find it on this bios.
  7. Under the advanced settings the last option is DRAM voltage, set it to manual.
  8. For manual it says low medium high ultra high. Just try each setting?
  9. Yes, work your way up.
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