I'm buying a Computer in 30 minutes!!! What should I buy???

Here is where I'm at:
I have a computer that I've been upgrading for years (hp m8457c). I have some good components (two 1 TB 6gb/s drives, gtx750ti GPU(pcie 3.0), 750w PSU, DVD,8gb ddr2 ram) But I'm in the market for a new motherboard, Processor (intel,AMD) and ram.

I like the form factor of micro-ATX and have a case ready. So it comes down to this.

What should I go with AMD or Intel?
if AMD, APU(FM2+) or CPU(AM3+)?

Which will provide the most power for the $buck$ and have the longest lifespan?

I do very little gaming but use AfterEffects and PhotoShop alot.
Budget around 300-450
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    AM3+ FX series 6/8 core cpu for the Adobe softwrae to make use of, while not breaking the bank.

    Any cash saved can go towards a SSD for your OS/Apps drive and use the 2x1TB in raid-0/raid-1 for storage.
  2. try out something like this
    will give you the best performance for the price
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