Just Cause 2 running at a constant 20 fps

Hey guys, so i recently got just cause 2 in the summer sale, and i finally got around to playing it today. I started the game and the cut scene at the start had a horrendous frame rate, i minimized the game and opened up fraps, and it was running at around 17 fps, after the cutscene, the actual gameplay was running at 20 fps. I have a msi gaming laptop and can run games like crysis 2 on very high and high setting and get 59-68 fps. My laptop has windows 8.1, an i7-4700MQ processor, GTX 780M graphics card, 1TB HDD, 16GB of ram. I even tried the "lower your resolution" "dont run it in fullscreen" "turn of aa and shadows etc" but none of them worked.
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    yeah i have the same issue i use a TV and it loads in 24p so just turn anti-aliasing off and apply and then put it back and that normally works
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